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We've been helping people in Maple Grove, MN for over 20 years

We are passionate about changing people’s lives and protecting them from financial catastrophe due to unforeseen illness and death. We have a responsibility to always educate, and to make recommendations based on YOUR needs-never sacrificing integrity for our own gain.

We offer top solutions shopped from an open market in the areas of Medicare, Health, Life and Retirement Planning. Retire on Your Terms!

Serenity Health Advisors - Our Mission

Our Mission

To help individuals, families, and businesses get the appropriate insurance.

Serenity Health Advisors - Our History

Our History

We have been helping the local community with a customer-driven model.

Serenity Health Advisors Logo

Our Solutions

We understand the importance in providing affordable healthcare, so we offer a variety of insurance coverages to keep you protected.

Medicare Advantage

An alternative to Original Medicare with private insurance

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Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance, or Medigap, helps to fill in the gaps of Original Medicare.

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Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

We can help you navigate your options for finding an affordable Part D Prescription Drug Plan.

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Individual Health Insurance / MNsure

We can help you find the right plan for your unique situation

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Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones and provide them with a hopeful future

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Financial Solutions

We offer several financial solutions like estate planning, portfolio management, annuities, and others.

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