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Medicare Advantage Plans in Maple Grove, MN

An alternative to Original Medicare with private insurance

Serenity Health Advisors - Affordable Medicare Advantage Plans in Maple Grove, MN

Medicare Advantage, also know as Medicare Part C, provides an alternative way for eligible individuals to get benefits.  These plans are offered by private insurance companies who are required to match, at the very least, the coverage of Part A and Part B.  In most cases, they offer additional benefits which makes Medicare Advantage attractive.  Some of these additional benefits may include:

  • Vision Care
  • Hearing Aids
  • Dental Care
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Gym Membership
  • Lower Cost Sharing
  • Limit On Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Plans do vary, though, so it's important to understand exactly what is being offered by the insurance company when making an informed decision.

Protect your health and get a Medicare Advantage Plan today.

As an agency specializing in Medicare products, our goal is to educate and inform the local community in Maple Grove, Minnesota and the surrounding cities.  We want you to understand your options and find a plan best suited for your needs.  To help, we provide a no-obligation consultation.  In a consultation, we will review your situation to understand your health condition and concerns.  Then we will share about the available options for you and provide a recommended plan.  We enjoy working with those in Maple Grove and other nearby towns in Minnesota.  And we look forward to serving you, as well.  Call today for a consultation.


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